LOOK: The First Sanremo Latte Art Throwdown in Cebu

The first Latté Art Throwdown was a success in Manila in 2017. Now on its second year, Cebu decides to take a shot at making the best latté art possible.


The First Sanremo Latte Art Throwdown in Cebu

The Sanremo Latté Art Throwdown is an event that started in Manila in 2017. It’s an event that gathered the best baristas in the metro to try their hand at using one of the finest latté art machines in the industry: the Sanremo Café Racer.

For the Cebu leg, 63 participants joined. Out of all, John Michael Hermoso of The Good Cup Coffee Company came out on top.

Ben Stephen, member of Sanremo Word Academy Team, spoke and judged the event. Other judges included Mark Neil Madrelejos, founder of Latté Art Philippines, and Tidow Gothong, owner of Fujinoya Philippines.

The event featured the Sanremo Café Racer, known for its barista-friendly features. One feature that stands out is its stainless steel steam wand called Cool Touch. Even with prolonged use, the anti-burning feature makes sure that the wand is at a fixed temperature. Even if you go from one latté to another, baristas won’t get burned.

To treat all the guests with free coffee, different coffee roasters participated at the event:

  • Coffee Connects Corp. – Jack and the First Crack
  • Linear Coffee Roaster
  • Culinary Exchange – Da Vinci Gourmet
  • Kick-start Coffee
  • 21 Kilometer Café
  • Fujinoya’s Café

De’Longhi Philippines sponsored the prizes for the Latté Art Throwdown in Cebu.

CHAMPION: Dedica EC 685.M Pump Driven Espresso Maker and Dedica Coffee Grinder KG 521.M

coffee grinderPump Driven Espresso Maker

More than these prizes, the champion also enjoyed a trip to Taiwan. He also visited the Taiwan International Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo 2018.

2ND PLACE: ECP 35.31 Pump Espresso Maker and KG79 Coffee Grinder

pump espresso makerburr coffee grinder

3RD PLACE: Moka Coffee EMKP 63 and KG49 Coffee Grinder

Blade Coffee Grinder


If you also want to enjoy these prizes at your own home, make sure to check out our product page. The next Latte Art Throwdown will be in November 2019. Stay tuned and check out our Facebook page for updates.

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