We are a dynamic and coffee enthusiastic team with years of experience in the passionate production of espresso machines.

Wolfgang Hauck, founder and CEO of ECM, has been active in the coffee business for several decades and was instrumental in the introduction of Italian espresso culture in Germany. Before marketing his own products, for many years he was the exclusive importer of Italian espresso household brands such as Gaggia, Cimbali, Pavoni, Quick and Vibiemme.

For several years he has been supported by his son Michael Hauck in the management. Michael Hauck brings his excellent technical talent to the company ECM and sets new accents in production and development.

Our espresso machines and mills are hand-crafted: we manufacture our Home Line machines in Italy, the Commercial Line catering machines and our mills in our production facility in Germany. Your perfect espresso is always our highest requirement.

ECM stands for much more than just espresso machines. Espresso and espresso machines are our passion. We live espresso.