Conceived by the experience and desires of a team of excellence. Made to be innovative from every point of view. Created for you.


  • Created by a team of champions and professionals from the world of coffee: the Opera Team;
  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System) with full control over the 3 extraction phases;
  • Absolute ergonomics, excellent details and cutting-edge materials.
  • Independent temperature regulation of groups and boilers;
  • Pressure Drive mechanical pump specific for each group;
  • ASUS Tablet supplied for configuration via bluetooth via dedicated app.
  • Series competition filters.


With the “Be in control express yourself” interface , the barista has total control of the extraction phase of his coffee, he can individually manage each supply parameter according to his experience and professionalism. Temperature Regulation : in just a few seconds you have the ability to precisely manage the temperatures of the groups, water, coffee and steam. Through the step  regulation Dose  you have the possibility to manage every phase of the coffee extraction acting on the weight of the ground coffee, water dose in ml, pump pressure for every single infusion and in the version with the scales also the weight control of the espresso dispensed in the cup. Infusion Regulation: these parameters regulate the pump pressure, the time and the amount of water needed to better manage the pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion phases. After perfecting  your  perfect espresso recipe you can save your delivery menu in the archive and transfer it with the Bluetooth connection   in another machine.


Opera comes from an idea that has been around the world. More than three years ago a revolutionary thought allowed a group of people to meet, breaking down geographical barriers and enhancing the heterogeneity of individual backgrounds, to conceive a unique coffee machine   and destined to mark an epochal and lasting change in the whole sector . For the first time the  experts and professionals of the coffee world , the real and last users of our machines,  have been included in all the path that led to the creation of Opera, from the initial brainstorming, through the practical realization up to the final touches. Opera talks about us, our experience, determination and passion in every detail. Opera comes from a dream without boundaries. For you.


Opera is born to amaze in every detail; technological excellence blends harmoniously with the lines of the unique design that distinguish it and that make it not only an icon of style, but that guarantee the Barista an ergonomics and ease of use, in every single operation, incomparable in its kind . The uniqueness of this espresso coffee machine is enhanced even more by the extreme refinement, prestige and elegance of the elements that compose it. The worked crystal that encloses one side and enriches the line, is in fact made by the artistic laboratory Cristalli Varisco , synonymous with high quality and traditional craftsmanship. The choice of stainless steelas a construction material it is motivated by adherence to the current regulations in relation to the limitation or elimination of the release of heavy metals (Lead Free) ; to provide you with a product that is not only durable and efficient, but also Safe from every point of view. Opera is the best tool to allow you to create the perfect harmony in a cup of coffee.


Each blend and type of coffee has special needs and needs specific attention to be able to express its maximum; to exalt every nuance in the aroma and in the taste we have created each group of the Opera to be independent and ready to present the true essence of every coffee. The new and modern architecture of the Opera groups in AISI 316L stainless steel makes it possible to create an always perfect espresso thanks to the TEMPCONTROL thermal balancing system that allows you to separately set the water temperature for the supply and temperature of each group in accordance with the mixture or origin of coffee used. An even greater help is to be found in the Pressure Drive , a gear pumpfor each group that allows the independent regulation of the ideal pressure during the infusion phase, this even more makes possible the complete expression of the organoleptic qualities of the raw material used. Enhancing diversity is to fall in love with every nuance. One coffee after another.


Being able to control the preparation of a coffee is essential to obtain the best possible result for every situation and mixture. For this reason we have equipped the Opera with some exclusive systems to make it possible to adapt the machine to your needs and not the other way round. Among the most innovative and important features we certainly find the Control Delivery System (the CDS), patent pending Sanremo, that is a delivery system that allows full control of the three extraction phases : pre-infusion for time or calculated volume CC without pump pressure, the infusionin which the pump supplies an appropriate quantity of water at constant pressure, determined and pre – established by the Barista and thepost-infusion in which the pump is deactivated for the time necessary to complete the operation. The Multiboiler Sistemcompletes the Opera . This system consists of two boilers: a pre-heating to regulate the water temperature for coffee and a main one reserved for the production of hot water and steam controlled by a transducer to ensure thermal stability and full steam power. A coffee capable of reflecting a unique style, yours.
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